7D HIFU Treatment

Book a Free Consultation No Downtime Lifts & Tightens Non Surgical Safe & Effective Lasting Results Before & After the Treatment ABOUT THIS TREATMENT Time and gravity negatively affect the facial structure. Together, they turn a firm, smooth and graceful face into one beginning to show lines, overlap, and droop. Natural aging happens with the […]


WHAT IS MESOSCIENCE or VIRTUAL MESOTHERAPY? Using electrical currents, it’s a non-invasive skin penetration method which allows active ingredients to penetrate the skin’s deeper levels. The ingredients are provided in an aqueous solution but they do not have to be ionic, hence there is a wider range of active ingredients. Non-invasive Virtual Mesotherapy is used […]

How to Keep Yourself Healthy

How to Keep Yourself Healthy Introduction As we grow older, we realise the importance of maintaining good health and its impact on our overall lifestyle. We tend to look for more and more ways to develop a healthy lifestyle to not only prevent chronic and prolonged diseases, but also to feel good about ourselves. We […]

Anti-Ageing and Skin Care

Anti-Ageing and Skin Care As we grow older, our skin begins to show signs of ageing, which often lead to self-consciousness on behalf of many people. Most of the time, however, the skin is actually ageing prematurely, exhibiting lines and wrinkles, since we are not following an anti-ageing skin care routine that nourishes our skin […]

How to Boost Your Immunity during Covid

How to Boost Your Immunity during Covid Our immune system uses a number of tools to fight off any disease that we are exposed to. Over the course of the coronavirus, millions of people have fallen seriously ill to a life-threatening extent, and many have lost their lives as well. In order to combat this […]

Is the HIFU Facelift the best there is?

Is the HIFU Facelift the best there is? I had the privilege of seeing the amazing, Kelly, aesthetician and miracle worker at the plush Violett Beauty Casa in Drummoyne. Situated in the plush Geniale clinic, Kelly works her magic on the faces and bodies of her loyal clientelle.   It was there that I was […]

Your Skin's Secrets

UNLOCK Your Skin's Secrets