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Violett Bella Casa is in Homebush, Inner West of Sydney, Australia. We create unique beauty experiences by providing tailored treatments, extensive consultations with advice, and understanding what your skin and body require. With over 19 years of experience in the field, we are committed to delivering premium services using ground-breaking technology by specially trained beauty therapists to ensure a transformative beauty experience. Our services range from cosmetic tattooing and removals to providing facials using only the best products partnered with Skeyndor through body contouring, HIFU, Meso Infusion DCS, Geneo+, Emscuplt, Micro-needling Hyaluronic Meso Injections, and Plasma Fibroblasts. We will be delighted to give you insight into how our advice and these therapies can transform your life.

Embark on a journey to unveil your optimal radiance at Violett Bella Casa, located in Homebush, Inner West Sydney, Australia. Boasting over 19 years of expertise, our dedicated team of beauty therapists employs cutting-edge technology to deliver personalized treatments. From cosmetic tattooing to facials utilizing premium products like Skeyndor, our transformative beauty procedures include body contouring, HIFU, Meso Infusion DCS, Geneo+, Musculpt, Micro-needling Hyaluronic Meso Injections, and Plasma Fibroblasts. Let us guide you towards a path of enhanced well-being and radiance in your life.


Over the years, Kelly has developed an extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology by successfully transforming the human face and defying the aging process on facial appearances. Her Clients love her special caring and unique way of helping them she credits her success to the dedication and greatly value the feedback and support she received from her clients.

Client Reference:

“I live a fast-paced professional life which demands the constant refining of my physical and emotional world. As Kelly treated me, I felt deeply honored, respected, and encouraged. The self-consciousness about my issues was gone instantly, and I started to see another aspect of my health and beauty regime. Kelly holds keen intellect, warm compassion, and a fierce protectiveness in exquisite balance. She possesses a brilliant, insightful, and intelligent mind, as I always felt cared for and heard by her. It feels wonderful to know that I have this energetic woman in my corner who is devoted to supporting not only me but the empowerment of women and men as a whole. “Jennifer Mitchell”






Kelly is the best. I've been a client for more than a year, and it's great to see how much she cares to make everything perfect, and always gives more than expected. A facial is just not about your face but your body as well. While the mask is on, she massages your neck and your arms. It feels like paradise!
Vero Tebbitt
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Kelly’s, love for her job and desire to make people’s skin look younger has definitely come to fruition! The salon offers a range of high quality skin treatments performed by expert hands! I look forward to my visits and take away the lasting results! Thank you so much 💞✨
Yana Parsi
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My first experience at this place was really great. Sarah was very friendly and explained everything clearly so I wasn't worried at all. Everything about the place and the procedure was very professional. The atmosphere was gorgeous and I left with my face feeling nice and tight and glowing.
Yuko Sakata
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Visiting Kelly's salon was an amazing experience. Kelly is not only a very professional, experienced beautitian but also a really lovely person. I had my first ever HIFU treatment and Kelly's explanation, attention and care made me feel confident in the procedure. My skin looks better already and I look forward to see what happens next. I will be back, for sure. Thank you, Kelly!
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Wonderful HIFU face and neck treatment. Sarah who attended me was very knowledgeable, kind and gracious. My face looks and feels amazing. Thank you so very much.

Marijke Bakker
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Have been going to Kelly for many years,so she must be doing something right! Always courteous,highly professional and knowledgeable about the products and services. She keeps herself up to date with new techniques and always has a smile on her face 😊
Karen Barnfather
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Had the best HIFU treatment using the latest pain. My skin looks amazing and will continue to improve. Kelly who is a very caring and professional beautician explained the whole procedure, she also did my hands as a bonus. Very happy , will be back.
Alison Muggleston
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Kelly was professional and absolutely amazing. The technology used at Violet Beauty Haus is state of the art and I definitely saw the difference in my body within 2 weeks. Would highly recommend Kelly and Violet Beauty Haus
Shalini Karthikeyan
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