Eyelid Lifting


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Is your patient base encountering concerns associated with periorbital edema, cutaneous laxity, the manifestation of cutaneous creases, or age-related alterations in facial topography?



The 3-in-1 SHR ND YAG RF system represents an amalgamation of technologically advanced laser and radiofrequency (RF) modalities, earning recognition as one of the most sophisticated systems currently available. Notably, this system features the capability for True Ablation, allowing for treatment of cutaneous tissue to depths of up to 800 microns.

By harnessing the RF Ice Wave Laper Interface Operations, this non-invasive therapeutic intervention generates a therapeutic “heat matrix.” This matrix significantly contributes to the amelioration of initial signs of cutaneous laxity, as well as the efficacious reduction in the appearance of fine rhytids and wrinkles.

The RF Ice Wave Laper Interface Operations provides a versatile application, amenable to independent utilization or as an adjunctive component to laser-based interventions. This approach ensures the attainment of enhanced and comprehensive outcomes.

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