Weight Loss Treatment in Homebush & Other Sydney Suburbs

With 19 years of experience, Violett Bella Casa offers the most comprehensive weight loss treatment program in Sydney to help our clients achieve their weight loss objectives in a very scientific and effective way.

Our team of experts includes bariatric physicians, psychologists, dieticians, who would work in sync with each other to come up with a consolidated, evidence-based treatment and offer you the assistance to lose your desired weight, and maintain it.

What makes our weight loss treatment package so effective?

The important aspect of our weight loss treatment package in Burwood is that our experts work tirelessly with their clients to ensure they get the right guidance based on the principles of physical, social and mental wellbeing that include balanced diet, getting adequate rest and effective workouts on a regular basis.

We also come up with a specialised custom treatment package, and training on how to encounter obesity and win it in the long run once and for all.

What is our weight loss package in Homebush & other Sydney Suburbs all about?

Our tailored weight loss treatment package in Sydney, Burwood is all about addressing the specific obesity-related issues that are specific to a certain age. In other words, our weight loss program is suitable for every age and for the genders. It would go a long way to improve:
  • Level of glucose in blood
  • Sleep Apnoea
  • Blood pressure
  • Circumference of waist
  • Quality of life pertinent to health
Our weight loss programs are time bound and every curriculum that we have is designed to fit individual clients’ needs. And the most amazing part is that our weight loss experts in Sydney, Burwood will always be at your side all throughout our journey, providing you detailed health reports on a regular basis.

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