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Are you looking for professionals to exalt your beauty to a level that attracts admiration? It’s time to feel elated as you are already at the destination you need to be. Indeed, Violett Bella Casa is the best salon in Campsie since amplifying beauty using contemporary techniques is what we do. Also, here you will find a wide range of services to give you the makeover that you always dreamt of.


The process of beautification is carried out by our seasoned beauticians. Also, as a salon having more than 19 years of experience in offering a wide array of beauty solutions, we strive to provide you with the results that we promise. Thus, expect to see a newer version of yourself by opting for your preferred service.

Services We Provide in Our Salon

In our beauty salon in Campsie, we offer a range of services that include:

  • 7D HIFU Treatment
    This is a non-invasive treatment where we remove fat from your body with high-intensity focus ultrasound (HIFU). Here, collagen is destroyed which gives your body a toned look.
  • In Tech Meso Infusion DCS
    To make your skin look rejuvenated, the Meso Infusion is the best treatment. Here, our professionals inject solutions to your skin that restore the glow without any side effects.
  • Eyebrow Tattooing
    Using a semi-permanent technique, our professionals create natural eyebrows that mimic actual hair giving your eyebrows a fine look.
  • E-Dermis Tattoo Removal
    If you want to remove unwanted tattoos, our Magnetic E-Dermis technology is the ideal solution since it is developed to get rid of tattoos without causing pain.
  • 7D HIFU Body Treatment
    Using the HIFU technology, we also help you get in shape. By using this technique, the loose skin on the abdomen and other parts of your body is tightened thus helping you to get in shape.
  • Impact Fat Cavitation
    This is another exemplary fat removal technique replacing liposuction. Here, we reduce fat deposits in your body with 40 kHz ultrasonic system.
  • Skeyndor Men
  • To rejuvenate men’s skin, this technique is a must where we help activate the male epidermis system. This results in healthy and smooth skin with fewer contours.
  • Men Express Energizing Professional Pack This is another exemplary fat removal technique replacing liposuction. Here, we reduce fat deposits in your body with 40 kHz ultrasonic system.

Why We Are the Best Salon in Campsie?

Violett Bella Casa is regarded as one of the top salons since:

  • We have 19 years of experience in providing beauty treatments for women and men
  • Our aestheticians are certified and have expertise in different types of treatments
  • We enhance the beauty safely and following the necessary guidelines
  • Our aestheticians are friendly and customise the treatments depending on your preferences
  • We offer a wide range of beauty solutions in Burwood.

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