Skeyndor Power Oxygen City Pollution Block Gel Cream + O₂


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The ultimate detox cream for the skin. Perfect for tired skin affected by pollution, toxins, lifestyle and environmental factors. Give your skin a breath of fresh air with Power Oxygen.

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Features & Benefits

>For skin that is suffocated and fatigued due to a lack of oxygen. >With a high content of Perfluorodecalin, a molecule that traps oxygen, its formula combines actives to provide oxygen to the skin, whilst protecting it from environmental pollutants. >Helping to recover the skins natural structure and maintain its hydration. >Fermented filtrate of Alteromonas (1MDa) and Biosaccharides Gum-4 (≥2MDa) – ANTI-POLLUTION, creates a barrier filter against contamination >Pure O₂ & Perfluorodecalin and Tropaeolum Majus Extract – OXYGENATORS that supply and transport oxygen to the skin >Prebiotic Oligosaccharide – PREBIOTIC that increase defences and re-establish the skin's beneficial eco flora

Skin Type

Combination – Oily Skins

Size (ml)

50 ml