Plasma Fibroblast

1 Hour

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After the treatment, do not:


What is Plasma Fibroblast?

Plasma Fibroblast is non-surgical treatment that utilizes a device to convey the energy in the form of plasma to revive skin by improving facial lines and wrinkles, skin pigmentation, and other skin abnormalities. It works by formulating a series of tiny-dotted lines that run alongside the tension lines on the skin. The concept of this treatment includes the ionization of gases from the atmospheric air to make miniature electrical discharge causing sublimation (transforming solids into gas) of the inordinate/hanging shallow skin layer. This cycle triggers a moment compression and tightening

Plasma Fibroblast after care

The Clusters of yellowish spots up to 0.2 mm in diameter will appear in the treated area and remain visible up to 5 days. Eye lids may get swollen and may feel tingly. There is no after treatment cream that needs to be applied. However, you can use foundation to cover the treated area. All side effects should disappear within 7 to 10 days.

After the treatment, do not:

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