Skeyndor Aquatherm Sensitive Skin

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Don’t let sensitive skin stop you from using powerful skin care.

Skeyndor has created one of the best skincare ranges for sensitive skin. With powerful active ingredients that won’t irritate hyper-allergic skin.

The products feature a range of unique ingredients such as pre-biotics, vegetable, and plant extracts. All of which makes the skin’s barrier stronger, restores the skin’s pH levels, reduces the sensitivity of the skin and fights early signs of ageing. Making Aquatherm a must-have for sensitive skin types. The delicate balance of minerals and nutrients leave the skin calm, soothed and hydrated.

Because Skeyndor has the exclusive rights to medicinal thermal spring water from Sailes-de-Béarn, this means Skeyndor is the only skin care brand allowed to extract minerals and water from these parts of France. This is because of Skeyndor’s strong reputation as an innovator and track record of following strict environmental standards.

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